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A Business owner talking about why falcon is the only gloves she will ever use.

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Potential Model

To be shot in an affiliate church's kitchen

As a business owner, cleanliness always comes first. it's the first rule of any business. And that's why it is mandatory that all my employees approach every task with professional protection. this is why I love the falcon brand gloves so much.


They are latex gloves that are free from those toxic powers that other glove companies have. 

They come in a fancy box with 100 gloves in each! All for 20$ and 2 days shipping included! That's enough for every single employee on my staff list!

(And they even offer a retainer package of 1,000 pieces for just $99 bi quarterly! That my I never have to worry about running out!)

They are designed to make you forget you have gloves on!


The stretch on these gloves is unbelievable, regardless of the size of your hands they would fit it like a glove, literally,  without choking you in any way. 


The rounded tearproof grip on the end is exceptionally firm but with the altar soft bands, you wouldn't feel that choke like the other gloves has.

They come in multiple sizes ranging from small all the way to XL but an average adult would fit a Large!

food preparation, dishwashing, laundry, painting, hair coloring, tattooing, pet grooming, and more. FALCON GLOVES ARE YOUR GO-TO SOLUTION

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