Martini on Marble

Content Creation Proposal

This is the part where we strategize content for both your marketing and your social media. 

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Informative Video

Smiling Businesswoman

This would be our lead ad. The goal of this is to have you communicate the main points of the book in a manner that would resonate with your audience. 


Cinematic Video

Girl Stretching at Beach
Rear View of Young Woman


Book Creatives


This creative photography and videography would be used as a retargeting ad to further entice people that clicked on your link but did not engage. 

This cinematic concept would be used to visualize what the moral lesson of the book could result to.

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CONTENT "I" Informative Ad

The perspective script for this project would be a personal one where you share where you were, What happened, and what changed. We want it to feel personal and deep, giving away mini jists as to where the audience has to be curious about how it led to that. 

CONTENT "II" Result Ad

The goal of this ad is to show people where you are now. In the bigger picture, we plan on going backwards through your journey. starting out with sunshine and rainbows and then adding images and clips from when you were going through it. 

CONTENT "II" Result Ad

The goal of this ad is to retarget audiences that did not convert be showed interest. 


Happy Doctor

Beach Happy Lifestyle

Work And Productivity

Elegant Portrait

Aurthor Portrait