Studio Portrait


Vybe-Studio-00077 (1).jpg

This is the end-goal

Now let's Break it down. 

image (24).png

SCENES 1: Main Video With description

This is the first video where we record subject "A" (The creative), Describe the process of using the equipment. 

This is a shot that we are familiar with. All that it requires is a fixed set-up of all pieces of equipment which will also help with the subject being mobile to confirm the process on the equipment being displayed manually and coming back to continue the scene with minimum change in frame. 

SCENE 2: B-Role showing the process of using equipments. 

This part will have 2 subjects, B, & C.

Subject B is the team member & subject C is the model in subject. 

image (25).png

A mixture of both scenes will then be put together for the main output similar to the footage below. 

Assisting Model

image (9).png